A Man with Covid -19 and fire injuries dead

 A Man  with Covid -19 and fire injuries dead

Peradeniya Teaching Hospital confirmed after PCR that a person who died after attended to hospital with heavy injuries by fire had Covid – 19. A person named Ramasami Ganeshan wounded by fire at trying to set the fire to home garbage. He was transferred to Peradeniya hospital after hospitalized to Madolkalle rural hospital by family members.

Judicial Medical specialist, medical faculty of Peradeniya University, Dr. Sameera Gunasekara pointed out in his post mortem report that the reason for the dead is Covid 19 and injuries by fire.

According to the Judicial Medical report and evidence, the coroner of Peradeniya Hospital Amal Jayawaradhane declared that the cause of death is wounds and Covid 19.  He said that there is no confirmed information to know how the dead person was infected.

As a result of this, associates of the dead person and a police cop who supported post mortem were adverted to self-quarantine.

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