Liquor for few MC staff members at Nuwaraeliya new year festival

While government informs to avoid all festivals that break the health regulations under the situation of Covid-19 the New Year festival of Nuwaraeliya Municipal council is doubtful says Lalith U Gamage governor of Central province. Governor said that he has this doubtful feeling on the municipal council is UNP controlled body and an investigation has been launched headed by the secretary of local governance central province. He said this in the press briefing at the auditorium of the central governor’s office. Governor emphasized that the mayor of Nuwaraeliya didn’t care to warn to stop the New Year festival and health guidelines to control people’s participation.  The governor said also that there are problems with money-raising for the New Year festival and that some of the staff members who are MCN had been treated with Liquor. He stated if there will be a Covid-19 disaster on irresponsible behavior of Nuwaraeliya mayor, it will happen to face government.      He also tried to stop this by telephone calls said the governor pointed out that will be taken action after investigations about the irresponsible work of the mayor.


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