Mob attack on workers who went to remove a power pole

 Mob attack on workers who went to remove a power pole

Three electrical workers have been admitted to the Kandy National Hospital after a group of locals attacked a group of CEB employees who had gone to remove a power pole that had collapsed on a house in the Bhairavakanda Tankiyawatta area in Kandy.

The incident took place at around 5.00 pm yesterday (19).

As a result of the incident, C.E.B staff is not recognizing maintenance and people aggrieve on it saying the chief incumbent of the Bahirawakanda Sri Maha Bodhi viharaya in Kandy Ven. Yatawaththe Dammananda Thero.

He said that there were a large number of school children in the area who were engaged in online education and that the CEB could not condone the harassment of people in several areas due to a small incident.


Residents of Tankiyawatta say that the Electricity Board has given contracts for the installation of electricity poles and that the poles that are being dug to a depth of about two feet will collapse within two months without any consideration.

A complaint has been lodged with the Kandy Police regarding the assault and if the police do not take action to arrest the suspects, there could be problems with the power supply in the Central Province, said the Secretary of the Central Provincial Electrical Engineers Association, Superintendent of Electricity VB Madugalle.

Three police teams have been deployed to arrest the suspects involved in the incident, Kandy SSP Chamil Ratnayake said.

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