The journalist who escaped from the Kalubowila hospital has returned to the hospital with the intervention of the police. Escaped by lorry,

Covid-19 infected journalist, Keerthi Waranakulasuriya, the security correspondent of the Divaina newspaper, who escaped from the Kalubowila hospital, has been admitted to the National Hospital by the police.

Residents of the Riched de Zoysa housing complex told ejournalist that a police team and health workers who arrived at around 7pm yesterday (08) took the journalist out of the house around 2am today. Our inquiries revealed that he was admitted to the National Hospital as he was in a critical condition.

It is not clear how he left the Kalubowila hospital while he was infected and the hospital has not disclosed the details to the police.

However, as we have confirmed, Keerthi Warnakulasuriya, who was discharged from the hospital, had come home in a lorry and if there were others in the lorry, they too could have been at risk, but he did not tell the police the true details to take appropriate action.

Journalist Tharindu Jayawardena, who has posted a blog post on the incident, emphasizes that the Divaina newspaper, led by Keerthi Waranakulasuriya, should also pay attention to its use of irresponsible media behavior.

A number of other senior journalists commented to us that journalists are not privileged people who go beyond the general community and must act responsibly. Keerthi Waranakulasuriya’s use of the Divaina newspaper in a prejudicial manner should also be discussed.


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