We oppose the online system – Liquor licensees

Ajith Udugama, President of the Sri Lanka Liquor Licensing Association says that the Excise Department is trying to sell liquor online in violation of the Excise Ordinance and if it is implemented, not only that ordinance but also many other laws of the country will be violated. He said that the government was also inconvenienced by such illegal decisions taken by the excise officers and that even the introduction of such proposals should be condemned with contempt despite the imposition of travel restrictions to control the spread of Covid.
Mr. Udugama stated this at a media briefing held in Kandy today (17). He said that the sale of liquor online had been active in Colombo since 2020 with the permission of the Excise Department and that his association had sent a memorandum to the Commissioner-General of Excise in August that year to protest against this, but no response had been received so far.
Mr. Udugama said that all licensees would sign an agreement subject to a set of conditions to be followed at the time of obtaining an excise license and that a number of matters, including the non-sale of liquor to persons under the age of 21, would be violated when selling liquor online. Stressed.
He said that many people in the country do not have the ability to buy liquor online and that this would be a blessing in disguise for those who sell liquor at higher prices while liquor outlets are closed.
He said that most of the people in the country are living miserable life due to the blockage of their sources of income and the introduction of online door-to-door delivery of liquor would lead to the escalation of family disputes and conflicts. He said that our main objective at the moment should be to control the spread of Kovid and that the health sector has pointed out that the sale of alcohol online could be a hindrance to this.
Committee members of the Sri Lanka Liquor Licensing Association Chamara Obeysekera, Dhananjaya Gunasekara and Thangavelu Dharmendraraj were also present on the occasion.


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