Wellawaya, situation isn’t good

 Wellawaya, situation isn’t good

The online meeting of the Wellawaya, Covid-19 prevent Committee was held yesterday 03rd of May and discussed reopening the town and facilitating the people of 03 isolated villages.  The meeting was held with the leadership of Chandana Rathnayaka who is the chairman of the Committee and divisional secretary of Wellawaya.

At the meeting medical officer of health, Wellawaya S.H Piyasumana said the situation isn’t good according to reports receiving daily. Approximately, there are more than 200 PCR reports that should receive and a decision must have taken according to the results.

The chairman of the committee and divisional secretariat Chandana Rathnayaka pointed out that the 5000 relief payment will be given to people of isolated villages, under the guidelines of the government.

Joining with the online meeting the chairman of Wellawaya Pradeshiaya Shaba said that they are supporting the maintenance of the proposed Covid prevention center of Wellawaya.

Representatives of the Wellawaya Trade Association agreed to follow health guidelines and regulations.

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